15 most romantic movies


Romantic Movies

So we all love cuddling up under a blanket with some popcorn, hot chocolate and a good movie but with the wide amount to choose from sometimes it is a mission to get good ones so here is a list of the top 15 I think is worth a watch:


15. Bridget jones’s diary

Yes I know it’s not exactly a new movie but most of the really great romantic movies are quite old and personally I love this movie for those of you who has not seen it well here’s a little preview.

A 32 year old Bridget decides at the start of the new year that it’s about time that she starts taking control of her life and she starts to keep a diary, she writes it all in her diary from men, exercise, food and yes even sex, the diary is helping her turn a whole new page on her life.



The fact that Johnny Depp is in this should’ve been enough but the movie and the story is amazing and yes I have watched this more times than I can actually count.

The movie plays of in 1959 and follows the lives of Vianne and her child who move to a tranquil French town during the winter, her daughter soon wins over the community with her spirited nature and Vianne opens an unusual chocolate shop what is unusual about it is she knows exactly how to please all of her customers


13. The vow

This is one of those that will make you cry just a fair warning.

After a car accident Paige is in a coma when she finally wakes up she has no memory of her new husband Leo she is also confused about all the relationships in her life especially with her parents and her feelings for an old fiancé is back, but despite all of this Leo is determined to win back his wife


12. If only

Yet another movie on the sad side but this one I absolutely adore.

After the love of his life dies in a car accident Ian cannot go on living a normal live and finally gets a chance to avert destiny when an opportunity arises for him to relive the day Samantha died.


11. Dear John

So many people told me about this one and truthfully I had no intension to actually watch it but in the end I gave in and was glad I did.

When John who is a soldier meet college student Savannah it’s the beginning of something magical. During 7 year of John dangerous job and deployments the couples stay in touch through letters meeting in person rarely. But there is a twists due to this.


10. The holiday

I simply loved this movie with amazing actors who wouldn’t

This is about two troubled women each facing their own guy problems who decides to switch homes in each other’s countries for a small period and all the unexpected things happen in their journey


9. The wedding planner

This was a funny romantic movie and also one I keep in my favorites

Mary is one of the most successful wedding planners in san Francisco she knows all the tips and tricks to make every event glamorous, that is until she falls in love with the groom


8. 50 first dates

This movie I must’ve watched 50 times already.

It is a story about a women who had an accident and she relives one day over and over until a man sees her and tries to win her over every single day now if this isn’t love I don’t know what is.


7. 10 things I hate about you

This was the movie I watched all through high school based loosely on a Shakespeare novel taming of the shrew.

It follows Cat a rebellious social outcast who couldn’t care less about all the things associated with high school unfortunately the same cannot be said for her younger sister Bianca and with their highly over protective father the rules clearly state Bianca is only allowed to date when Cat does.


6. The wedding singer

Yet another Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler combo

After being left at the alter Robbie is not doing so well but then he meets Julia who enlists him to assist with her wedding and everything gets interested.


Two writers has to write articles she needs to loose a guy in 10 days and he needs to keep a girl in 10 days, who will win?


3. Knocked up

After a one night stand turns into a pregnancy two strangers has to decide how to raise a child together without killing each other in the process.


2. Dirty dancing

Baby meets the man of her dreams while on vacation with her parents but the man does not have a good reputation and her dad doesn’t approve she is stuck between following her dreams or giving up everything


1. The notebook

Well obviously it was going to be in here it is the best romantic movie ever!!!!

Noah and Allie are madly in love but her parents disapprove. Noah has to serve in world war II which seems to be the end of their love as Allie becomes involved with another mans but just as soon as her marriage approaches it is quite clear that all the love is still their


written by: ginolitna